Block Island Old Harbor Walking Tour

2. Oceanview Pavillion

The Pavillion is built on the site of the old Oceanview Hotel. The Oceanview was once the largest hotel on Block Island, built in 1872 by Nicholas Ball, who made his fortune in the California Gold Rush. The hotel was famous enough that President Ulysses S. Grant stayed there -- even holding a special session with the U.S. Supreme Court so its members would not have to interrupt their vacations by returning to Washington – but today, it’s all just a memory; the Oceanview burned to the ground in 1966. Even if the old hotel is no longer here, the site still commands an gorgeous view – today made even more impressive with the addition of the Block Island Windfarm, which can be seen easily from here. It’s the perfect place to sit and take in nature. 

Directions to next stop: 

When you’re ready to move again, go back down the path and take a left when you get to the road (Water Street) towards the statue of Rebecca. At the statue, take a left up Spring Street, and you’ll find the 1661 Inn Farm and Gardens about 100 yards up on your right.